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I had to surrender and let go.

It’s been a minute since I’ve written one of these. I haven’t been feeling inspired over the past month. I’ve been in Houston for 4 months now. It’s a lot harder than I thought to find a creative community here. A lot of my friends are now parents or have moved out of the city. And I am here navigating life.

I often feel like a child cosplaying as an adult. Waking up in the same room that I would fall asleep in 20 years ago. The bed was so old that it finally broke. My high school letterman jacket is in the closet with the year 2004 written on it to remind me how long I have been gone.

The questions pop up. Am I okay? What am I doing? Did I fail? Is this a step backward? All the negative thoughts you could imagine for yourself come up for me with my own thoughts… I can’t give in to them.

I knew this year would be a year of learning for me. The biggest lesson I am learning this year is to surrender and let go on a deeper level. I have to let go of my limited beliefs about myself to keep progressing. There are parts of myself that I have to leave behind in order to keep progressing.

Last week I had to acknowledge that I am in a state of rebuilding, and that brought me some solace. I haven’t been out of Los Angeles for a year and still haven’t “settled” on a place to ground myself. I have some thoughts about where I want to be. Only time will tell where I land.

Taking time to slow down has given me some time to reconnect with what feels most valuable. How do you shift your mindset and pull yourself out of the negative thoughts?


It’s Merch Madness!!!

Last year YawnyBlew and I created a competition to sell as much merch as we could promote ourselves every day and see how many sales we could generate for our merch. This year, we are doing it again and we have released new merch to keep creatives inspired on their/our journeys. Check out some of the new designs below and grab a shirt for yourself and the creatives in your life.


Have you tuned in to the show I’m doing with DatYogaDude?

I’m not sure if it’s DatYogaDude anymore because he just had a name change to James Free in our last episode. If you have been missing out on the show you should check it out. We are 9 episodes in and you can check out the replays HERE. We are live every Friday at 6am PT/8am CT/9am ET. Join us while we meditate, laugh, and reflect in an unscripted conversation


Next month The Art of Letting Go will be returning and I have a new project premiering with YawnyBlew, April 1. Stay tuned and thank you for being a part of this journey.

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