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"In A Panorama" unveils the raw and poignant journey of multitalented artist Mike Brown through the unprecedented times of the pandemic. In this groundbreaking debut, Brown serves as both chronicler and protagonist, presenting a compelling time capsule that encapsulates the essence of his personal odyssey amidst the isolation wrought by global upheaval.


Diving into the depths of his psyche, Brown employs a powerful trifecta of journaling, poetry, and storytelling to navigate the labyrinth of loneliness. Through the written word, he not only confronts the stark reality of seclusion but transforms it into a transcendent experience of self-discovery and connection.


As readers delve into the pages of "In A Panorama," they are invited to witness the intricate dance between solitude and camaraderie, as Brown ingeniously uses the medium of writing to transcend the boundaries of physical separation. Each entry is a portal into his mind, offering an intimate glimpse of the emotions, reflections, and revelations that emerged during a time when the world stood still.


Mike Brown's debut is more than a mere narrative; it is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity. Through the prism of his creativity, readers embark on a poignant and enlightening journey that not only captures the zeitgeist of the pandemic but also serves as a beacon of hope and connection in a world forever changed. "In A Panorama" is an artful exploration of the human experience, a literary masterpiece that invites readers to find solace and inspiration within the echoes of one artist's transformative voyage.

In A Panorama: Journal Entries, Short Essays and Other Thangs

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